List of 19th Century Baseball Catchers

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Complete 19th Century Catcher Index (1871-1899)
Jack O'Brien to Frank Zinn
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O'Brien, Jack
O'Connor, Jack
O'Donnell, John
O'Hagen, Hal
Oldfield, Dave
O'Meara, Tom
O'Neill, John
O'Rourke, Jim
O'Rourke, Tom
Osterhout, Charlie
Otten, Joe
Oxley, Henry
Paul, Lou
Peitz, Heine
Peoples, Jimmy
Pierson, Dave
Pitz, Herman
Potts, Dan
Powers, Doc
Powers, Phil
Quinlan, Frank
Quinn, Joe
Quinn, Paddy
Quinn, Patrick
Quinn, Oscar
Quinton, Marshall
Reilley, Charlie
Reipschlager, Charlie
Reynolds, Charlie
Riddle, John
Ringo, Frank
Ritter, Floyd
Ritterson, Whitey
Roach, Mike
Robinson, Charlie
Robinson, Wilbert
Rogers, Emmett
Rollinson, William
Rowen, Ed
Roxburgh, Jim
Ryan, Jack
Sage, Harry
Schellhase, Al
Schreckengost, Ossee
Schriver, Pop
Schultz, John
Schwartz, Bill
Siffel, Frank
Sixsmith, Ed
Smith, Aleck
Smith, Frank
Snyder, Pop
Snyder, Cooney
Sommers, Pete
Stallings, George
Stanton, Harry
Straub, Joe
Strick, John
Struve, Al
Stynes, Neil
Suck, Tony
Sugden, Joe
Sullivan, Dan
Sullivan, Sleeper
Sullivan, Billy Sr.
Summers, Kid
Sutcliffe, Sy
Sweeney, Rooney
Swett, Pop
Tate, Pop
Terrell, Tom
Thompson, Andrew
Townsend, George
Traffley, Bill
Tray, Jim
Trost, Mike
Trott, Sam
Twineham, Art
Ulrich, George
Vadeboncouer, Gene
Valentine, Bob
Vaughn, Farmer
Visner, Joe
Walker, Moses
Walker, Walt
Ward, Jim
Warner, John
Weber, Harry
Weckbecker, Pete
Welch, Tub
Wells, Jake
White, Deacon
Whiting, Ed
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, Parke
Wilson, Bill
Wise, Nick
Wolstenholme, Abe
Wood, Fred
Wood, Bob
Wright, Bill
Yaik, Henry
Yeager, George
Zahner, Fred
Zearfoss, Dave
Zies, Bill
Zimmer, Chief
Zinn, Frank
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Players shown in BLUE are NOT career catchers, but caught at least 1 game in their career

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